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How to Setup a League Season in TennisPoint

TennisPoint provides all the tools needed to create and run a successful tennis league season.  Below are the specific steps to setting up a new league season.

  1. Sign Up as a League Manager Account - assuming you don't already have one.
  2. Create a new league season -- ie: Fall 2020
  3. Add a "playing level" -- ie: Mixed 3.0 or Women's A.
    1. The playing level also allows you to fill in all the playing levels for that playing level's season -- match dates, line types (singles / doubles) and even how division standings are calculated.
    2. You can add as many different playing levels as you would like.  Some leagues will play different "playing levels" on different days/times.... this is nice and easy to setup in TennisPoint.
    3. Don't worry if you have MANY playing levels -- we have a "replicate playing level" option which will copy ALL the details from the previously made one to make setup a breeze!
  4. Create a "League Sign Up" page for your team captains to join your league.  You use a "word style" type of editor which allows you to type up the key details about your league and allows the team captains to "sign up" their team.
  5. After all your teams have signed up, you can quickly create a "playing schedule" between the teams.  After clicking on a "playing level", you can select the "schedule" tab and simply click the button "auto-create schedule"... yep, that magic button does all the hard work of setting up the playing schedule and even calculates any "byes" needed as well 😊

Remember, you can also communicate with your team captains/players continuously throughout the season to keep them informed, updated and even encouraged.

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